Small Genital Warts

Do you have small genital warts? Are you wondering if the bumps that you have found in your genital region are actually small genital warts? Many people simply dismiss the little bumps that they find in this region and don’t think about them again. If you have found small bumps in your genital region or in and around the anus you will want to have them looked at. Small genital warts can be diagnosed by your doctor simply by looking at the affected area. It’s better to know that what you have is warts and get treatment rather than allow for the warts to continue to grow.

Identifying and Treating Small Genital Warts

You won’t know until you go to the doctor whether or not what you have is small genital warts. Most doctors can tell simply by looking at the affected area if it is genital warts, but if they are very small the doctor may want to do a biopsy to be sure. Other doctors will use an old technique used to identify genital warts. Many doctors will actually apply vinegar to the affected area and if the area turns white than the doctor will assume that they are warts.

Once your small genital warts have been identified your doctor will talk to you about treatment options, of which there are many. Your doctor may want to simply apply a solution to them which is acidic in nature and kills off the wart and allows for it to slough off. In other cases your doctor may prescribe a cream that is to be used at home that helps to remove the warts as well as helps the body to fight off the warts in the future.

In some cases the acidic solutions and the creams are not possible because of the number or location of the warts. You can choose to remove the warts with a laser or with electrocautery or even freezing them off. Your doctor will help you understand the benefits of each method and together you can choose your treatment option that is best for you. In addition to these treatments there are some natural treatments that you can try out.

You need to understand that once you have small genital warts that you can treat them, but you cannot cure them. Eventually you may not get any more warts because your body will create a defense against them, but the virus can reactivate at any time and you can experience warts again. Because of this, you need to protect yourself and future sexual partners from becoming infected.