Internal Genital Warts

Many people who are diagnosed with internal genital warts believe that they have a different disease than those that have genital warts on the exterior of their genitals, but this is not the case. The warts, regardless of where they appear, are all created by HPV, which is a sexually transmitted disease. The only difference is where the warts appear and you can get both internal and external genital warts at the same time. In fact many people don’t know that they have internal genital warts as they are often not detectable.

Internal Warts: Diagnosis and Treatment

If you have external genital warts and you are a woman your doctor will want to give you a pelvic exam, which will include a pap smear. When the doctor does the pelvic exam the doctor will look for internal warts to be sure that you don’t have more warts growing than you are aware of. Many people think that these warts will simply go away, but in some people they can continue to grow and cause pain during sex and even lead to cervical or vaginal cancer.

If you have internal warts you will not be able to go about the same treatment options as another person would. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to use any of the solutions or acids that help to remove the warts because these things cannot be used internally. Instead, you will have to explore other treatment options such as electrocautery or laser treatment. Electrocautery treatments kill the warts by introducing them to an electric current and the laser treatments involve removing the warts with the use of a carbon dioxide laser. Some doctors may also want to use Alpha interferon, which is an antiviral medication. This medication can be applied to the internal areas of the vagina with the use of applicators. This medication is used twice a day for five days, taking two days off in between treatments, until the warts go away.

Even after you have had internal genital warts removed they can still come back. When you get this virus you get it and need to understand that there is no cure. Because there is a not a cure, even after you have the warts removed they can return. Many people will find over time that the reoccurrence becomes fewer and father between, though some people struggle with them consistently.