Are There Mild Genital Warts?

Many people look up genital warts in books or only and when they see the pictures they assume that they must have mild genital warts or something other than this disease. The reason for this is that many of the pictures that appear online and in books are very extreme cases of the disease. Many people who have genital warts do not have huge clusters of the warts that appear in books. Every person who has genital warts has a different experience, but there is not technically a mild genital warts diagnosis.

More About More Mild Genital Warts

You may have more mild genital warts than you see in the books and even online. Usually the pictures that are used for educational purposes are more severe to give a person a real idea of what can happen. In many cases these pictures are used as scare tactics to remind people that they need to be responsible when they are having sex. Genital warts is a sexually transmitted disease, and in most cases it is preventable if you abstain from having sex altogether.

If you have more mild genital warts this may mean that you get just a few warts, instead of getting huge clusters of them like you may see online or in books. You may also get smaller warts, more flat warts, or warts that just don’t appear so aggravated. Each person’s body responds to the virus differently and some people have a better immune system so they are able to fight it off better. There are also different strains of HPV, the virus that causes the warts, and each strain may affect the human body a bit differently in terms of severity.

If you are lucky enough to have more mild genital warts instead of a severe case you still need to see a doctor. You want a firm diagnosis so you can be sure that you are treating them in the right manner. Once you have a diagnosis you can work with your doctor to treat them or you can use a number of home and natural remedies to try to treat them. There are a lot of options available today so you don’t have to suffer through treatments. Remember though, even with a mild genital warts case, it is possible for you to continue spreading the disease even when you aren’t aware that you have any warts. This is why so many people have the disease, they simply don’t know how contagious they are!