Are There Flat Genital Warts?

When most of us think of a wart we think of something that is raised up off of the skin and clearly identifiable. Do you have what looks like a flat wart but are sure it isn’t anything to worry about because there are not flat genital warts? If so, you might be surprised to find out that there are flat genital warts. If you believe you have flat genital warts or there is any question in your mind, you should visit your doctor to let them examine the affected area.

Diagnosing and Treating Flat Genital Warts

Your doctor will usually not have to look very long or hard to diagnose flat genital warts. Even though the warts appear flat, when looked at under a microscope or magnifying glass the wart will have a cauliflower like appearance to it that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. Your doctor will usually be able to make the diagnosis within a matter of moments.

If your doctor believes that what you have are flat genital warts but they are unsure, they may want to take a biopsy. The doctor will do a biopsy by numbing the affected area and then taking a sample of what appears to be a flat wart. The doctor can look at the skin under a microscope or send it off to the lab to be analyzed, and this will tell you for certain whether or not you are dealing with flat genital warts or something else.

When you have been diagnosed with flat genital warts you should be aware that not all of them may be flat. You may have some warts that are flatter in appearance and some that are raised and more common looking. These warts may appear one at a time or they may appear in clusters. Some warts stay very small while some will grow quite large. It’s important to have the warts removed as they appear.

Luckily, there are many treatment options for flat genital warts. Many doctors simply use an acid that will kill the wart, causing it to fall off within several days. Other doctors like to use creams that will help the body fight off the virus. In other cases the warts will be frozen off or removed with a laser. Talk with your doctor about the right treatment option for your specific case.