Are Genital Warts Curable?

If you have just been diagnosed with genital warts you probably have a lot of questions. Many people first ask whether or not the warts will go away, then they ask what the treatment options are, and then they ask are genital warts curable. When you are diagnosed you should not be afraid to ask your doctors these questions, because they have the answers and they are used to this diagnosis and the accompanying questions. The more questions you ask the more informed you will be about the disease that you have.

Answer: Are Genital Warts Curable?

The question on your mind is: are genital warts curable? The answer? No. Genital warts are not curable. Genital warts is caused by HPV, which is a virus. You cannot cure a virus, you can treat it, but there is no cure for any virus. What this means is that even if you treat the symptoms and the warts go away, the virus can remain in your body.

A lot of people assume that once they have their warts removed that the whole ordeal is over. The fact of the matter is that genital warts cannot be cured. Many people will get warts once, have them removed, and never get the again while other people will get them continuously and cannot have them removed fast enough.

Because genital warts are not curable you have to be aware of the disease at all times. You can go months or even years without having any reoccurrences, but when the virus is still in your body it can be reactivated any time. Many people mistakenly assume that they don’t have them anymore after they haven’t had a breakout, but after months or years they can pop back up.

There are a couple of things that may cause reoccurrences. Many women find that they will begin to have genital warts again when they go on an oral contraceptive, though this is not the case for all women. Many people find that when they begin smoking that this triggers a reactivation of the disease and you’ll have new genital warts appear on your body.

Genital warts are not curable, but this doesn’t mean that they have to affect your life constantly. You just need to take precautions to be sure that you are not infecting anyone else and that when you do have the warts that you are having them removed so that they do not cause any other health problems.