Facts You Should Know On Marijuana In Your Hair Follicles

How to Get Rid ofMarijuana In Your Hair Follicles Before Drug Screening

Essential Facts You Should Remember About Pre-Employment Drug Screening

The application process for a job is the first step of being hired, and that is a fact most of us are aware. However, employers can require testing for alcohol and drug use.

Everything depends on the state law in which you live in as well as the company’s policy, but the employer can easily reject you in caseyou fail the test.

The law regulates that employees can be tested for alcohol and drugs in the workplace, but the state law has to permit it as well as the company’s drug policy.

Employers are using a wide array of alcohol and drug tests such as a urinalysis, blood screenings, as well as hair drug tests that have become common in the last few years. You can easily find online how to pass a drug test and remove unwanted levels of THC that will make you fail it.

We decided to present you information on different types of drug tests that employers most commonly conduct as well as other facts that will help you learn more about it:

Pre-Employment Drug Screening

The most common reason for workplace drug testing is through part of the pre-employment process in which you have to pass the test so that you can be hired.

At the same time, they can stop you from entering the company in a casethey find traces of drugs afterward. Since these laws tend to vary from state to state, you should check out everything from your local regulations so that you can prepare yourself thoroughly.

For instance, some industries that are regulated by federal laws such as truck driving and everything under the Department of Transportation (click here to visit their official website) require mandatory testing so that you can remain working.

Company’s Drug Testing Policies

Have in mind that most companies tend to test job applicants for illegal drug abuse as part of the hiring process. However, they can also screen you at the working place for alcohol and drugs but in states in which law permits it.

Therefore, you will get a drug testing policy that will ultimately provide your perspective on different types of drug tests that will help you along the way.

At the same time, federal law is providing regulations and guidelines on how employers have to create drug-free policies that will state that drug abuse is not permitted in the workplace.

Employers can prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs and test for its purpose after they become suspicious or through random testing’s.

However, employees that are abusing drugs are protected by state and federal laws through regulations that are affecting people with disabilities and discrimination.

What about Legal Marijuana?

Have in mind that employees will have to conduct screenings for drugs before being hired, but in the workplace too. If you wish to pass a drug test, you can find numerous sources online that will help you handle it with ease.

For instance, the most problematic drug test to pass is hair follicle analysis because substances will remain inside for at least three months. Therefore, you will not be able to give it unless you take some remedy that will help you,such as hair detox shampoo.

On the other hand, the most problematic moment when it comes to drug testing happened after some stated legalized the use of recreational and medical marijuana. Therefore, employees that are consuming cannabis can do it by state laws, but federal regulations are not seeing that way.

That is why New York, for instance, made the Compassionate Care Act(https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/medical_marijuana/regulations.htm) that protects employees against these issues.

Therefore, if someone prescribed you medicinal marijuana to handle some health issue, you will be considered a person with a disability,and they will not be able to fire you.

Different Types of Drug Screenings

  • Blood Drug Test – This was the standard when it comes to drug screenings, but it is not commonly used by employers due to its invasive procedure and inability to detect long-term abuse. Have in mind that this particular test can determine the number of drugs and alcohol that you have currently in your blood. Remember that these tests can check out the presence of common illicit drugs such as weed, cocaine, speed, opiates, and meth, alcohol, nicotine,and prescription medications.
  • Mouth Swab Screening – The name for this particular test is oral fluid or saliva test, and the main idea is that it collects saliva from the inside of the applicant’s mouth. It is important to remember that saliva will test you for drugs that you have consumed a few days back. It is simple to administer, which is the main reason for its popularity among employers.
  • Hair Follicle Drug Test – We have mentioned above that hair drug test is the most challenging for passing because it features three months detection time. It cannot check the current impairment status, but only previous, frequent use. At the same time, you will not be able to test for alcohol, but it is efficient for other illicit drugs. Technicians will take approximately 1.5-inches of your hair and check the presence of drugs.